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Traditional Bakes,Cupcakes, Cookies, Lardy Cakes

High Tea Cakes, Cupcakes, Boxed Bakes & Individually iced Cookies. Breads, Buns, Sweet Pastries & Tarts

All our bakes are made with Fresh local Free Range Eggs, Organic fruits, British Butter, Fresh made Preserves & Curds.

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Afternoon Tea Victoria Sandwich
Great design Cupcakes
Pastries, Breads
Fresh Made Lardy Cakes
V- suitable for Vegetarian - N- Contains nuts -GF- made using non-gluten containing ingredients.
Every precaution is taken when supplying GF bakes, separate times of cooking, separate mixer & baking tins are used. 
All bakes are suitable for Vegetarian and are nut free unless stated otherwise
All contain Allergens- Eggs, Wheat Flour and Dairy unless stated otherwise.
- Please ask for details of suitable bakes not using- Dairy, Egg, Soya, Gluten/Wheat  if required.
Loaf Cakes- approx 10 slices can be cut in each slice, or maybe just two depending how you cut it !!
1lb loaf of delicious  bakes £5.50 each or 2 for £10. Checkout photo gallery for pictures Gluten Free- £6.00 each or 2 for £11.00
Squares- sold in Boxes of 12  2x2ins(approx) Squares £11.00 a box  GF Squares -sold in Boxes of 12 2x2ins (approx) £12.00
All made using British Butter, Fresh Local Free Range Eggs. 
Chocolate Chip Brownies V (available in squares only)-  Lovely moist rich brownies. which contain chocolate chips V
Chocolate Brownies with White choc chunks V (available in squares only)-  Lovely moist rich brownies. which contain chopped chunks of Green & Blacks Madagascan Vanilla White Chocolate  V 
Chocolate Brownies (available in Squares only) V GF All the lovely rich taste of standard brownies, but contain non-wheat/Gluten containing ingredients.Chocolate & Pecan Brownies V N (available in squares only) - Rich, indulgent moist Brownies, with the crunch of chopped pecans and decorated with a whole glazed pecan on each square. V N
Chocolate & Nut Brownies V N (available in squares only)-  Lovely moist rich brownies. which contain chopped mixed nuts V .N
Chocolate & Cranberry Brownies V (available in Squares only)- Lovely moist rich brownies with the great taste of added cranberries.

Other Bakes- Available as Squares or Loaf Cakes
Lemon Drizzle- Organic Lemon Sponge covered crunchy lemon sugar topping - V 
Iced Lemon- Organic Lemon Sponge covered with a lovely sharp white lemon icing- V
Orange Drizzle- Organic Orange Sponge with crunchy orange sugar topping - V
Coffee Cake with Coffee Buttercream-V Light tasty Coffee cake decorated with coffee buttercream
Coffee & Walnut - N - V- Coffee Cake decorated with coffee buttercream and crushed walnuts
Walnut - N - V - Cake containing crushed walnuts, decorated with shiny smooth fudge icing and decorated with walnut halves
Iced Coffee Cake. Covered with a smooth fudge icing - V Same light tasty coffee cake but iced with a smooth shiny fudge icing
Chocolate & Vanilla Marble, drizzled with Green & Blacks Dark & Madagascan Vanilla Chocolate- V A light vanilla & chocolate marble cake with chocolate chips baked in, drizzled with Green & Blacks Madagascan vanilla white & dark chocolate
Death By Chocolate covered with a delicious ganache, - V Deliciously rich dark chocolate cake, with thick glossy ganache icing, a must if you love chocolate, a more open sponge than the Chocolate fudge cake.
Chocolate Fudge Cake with chocolate buttercream topping - V - Matures with age, if you dont eat it that is, beautifully dense moist dark decadent cake with a rich chocolate buttercream, a definite grown up cake!
Carrot Cake with Mascarpone Frosting -V Lovely moist Cake decorated with Mascarpone cream cheese frosting & decorated with icing carrots
Red Velvet with Cream cheese frosting- V Rich red, chocolate based cake made using buttermilk for a distinctive taste, piped with cream cheese frosting and decorated with sprinkles of the red velvet cake crumbs.
Spiced Stem Ginger Cake - V  Light sponge with tasty ginger spice made with stem ginger and glazed with white icing and decorated with crystalized ginger pieces 
Toffee Cake- V-  Light cake made with small pieces of toffee, iced with toffee flavour buttercream & drizzled with toffee sauce
Victoria Sponge V- soft light sponge decorated with a dusting of icing sugar.
Gingercake- V- Matures with age, heavy ginger spiced cake, with a lovely shiny sticky top as it matures 
Flapjacks- V- Full of organic oats, fairtrade syrup and muscavado sugar. £9.50 a box of 12

Decorated Cookies
A whole variety of shapes and themes, most Sugar cookies are approx 3.5-4.5 ins
Can be personalised to your own design and ideas.
Each Sugar cookie is individually wrapped.
Ideal for Wedding Favours, Party bags, Hen do's, Christenings etc
From £2.50 please see photo gallery for picture. 
Royal iced Sugar Cookies from £3.00
Large, 7ins diameter,personalised & Gift wrapped Sugar Cookies £5.00

High Tea Cakes
8ins round cake layered and filled round cakes in two layers, sandwiches together (other sizes are available please ask for prices)
Great as a thank you or get well soon gift, or just as a treat for the family or a special tea!
Supplied on a thin board &  Cake box. Please go to photo gallery for more pictures
from £14.00
Coffee Cake- V A light fluffy Coffee Sponge, sandwiched together and piped on top with piped coffee buttercream .£14.00
Coffee & Walnut Cake- V N Two layers of cake coffee and walnut  sponge , sandwiched with coffee buttercream, piped with coffee buttercream & decorated with crystalized walnuts £17.50
Victoria Sandwich V Light and fluffy Sponge. Two layers Sandwiched with Strawberry or Raspberry Preserve  and Vanilla Buttercream. Dusted with icing sugar £14.00
Strawberry & Cream Victoria Sandwich V  Two layers Fresh light fluffy sponge, sandwiched together with fresh cream & chopped fresh strawberries and decorated with fresh cream swirls and fanned strawberries & dusted with icing sugar  £17.50
Lemon Sponge with fresh made Lemon Curd V. A lovely fresh light lemon sponge, Two layers, sandwiched to with Lemon buttercream and fresh made lemon curd, decorated with lemon buttercream and drizzled with the lemon drizzle. Dusted with icing sugar . All made with Organic Lemons £17.50
Lemon meringue Sponge Cake - V Two layers of light fluffy fresh lemon sponge, sandwiched together with lemon buttercream, fresh made lemon curd and fresh made crumbled meringue, decorated with lemon buttercream & fresh made meringues, drizzled with fresh made lemon curd and dusted with icing sugar. All made with Organic fresh lemons £17.50
Chocolate Fudge Cake- V. Two layers of rich, decandent, moist chocolate fudge cake, made using Green & Blacks Organic cocoa & Dark Chocolate. Filled with chocolate buttercream and piped on top layer. £17.50
Red Velvet-V Two layers of rich, moist,deep red sponge, made with buttermilk,which gives it the distinct Red Velvet flavour, filled and piped on top with cream cheese frosting.
Dessert Cakes
Dessert cakes are made of three layers of 8inch round cake, filled with fillings, flat iced around the outside and piped decoration on top layer, with buttercream or Ganache, Cream cheese frosting, prices vary accordingly. Other sizes are available. 
Chocolate Fudge Cake-V.  Three layers of rich, decandent, moist chocolate fudge cake, made using Green & Blacks Organic cocoa & Dark Chocolate. Filled with chocolate buttercream and piped on top layer. £27.50
Lemon Drizzle Cake-V- Three layers of Fresh lemon sponge, made using Organic Lemons and drizzled with organic lemon syrup. Filled with fresh made organic lemon curd & buttercream. £27.50
Red Velvet Cake-V  Three layers of Rich red, chocolate based cake made using buttermilk for a distinctive taste, fiiled & flat iced all around with cream cheese frosting, with piping on top and decorated with sprinkles of the red velvet cake crumbs. £27.50
Individual Cakes.
Approx 7cm diametre, cut, filled and stacked individual cakes, in all the classic favourites. Such a lovely change to cupcakes, look pretty for a vintage tea party or Weddings, served on cake stands (available to hire) 
Individual Victoria Sandwich-V- Filled with fresh made conserve of strawberry, raspberry, blackberry & apple, Blackcurrant - all piped with buttercream, dusted with icing sugar.
£2.00 each cake.
Indivdual Coffee & Walnut Cakes-V-N- Filled with Coffee Buttercream & topped with a piped  rosette of buttercream with half a walnut on top

All cupcakes the larger sized cupcakes, not small fairy cakes and are supplied in foil case ( which keep them fresher for longer), where possible, depending on you desired design
Minimum order or each flavour 12 cupcakes, unless special variety prices which are run for special days such as Mothers Day, Easter etc. 
Prices depend on level of decoration and start from
Cupcakes price starts £2.00 ( standard decoration of piped buttercream)
For Gluten Free, Vegan and Dairy Free prices start at £2.25 a cupcake ( with standard decoration of piped frosting)
All cupcakes are always suitable for Vegetarians

Bread, Rolls & Buns, Sweet Pastries.
Lardy Cake- Super sticky, Lardy Cake, a highly calorific yeast based bake, containing mixed Organic fruit & peel (steeped in Twinings Tea),covered with a sticky sweet syrup, 
Made using British Butter, Organic Dried fruit. Suitable for Vegetarians. Traditionally Lardy Cake was made using pork fat, but The Jolliffe Cake Company uses Vegetable shortening and this bake also contains no egg or milk. 8ins Square, Boxed. £8.50 (see picture at top of page.)

Choux Buns -Ideal for Croquembouche towers, Caramel Choux Buns, Fruit fillings with Cream. 
There are three sizes available, small, medium & Large. Prices start from 50p small (minimum order of 10) , 75p Medium (minimum order of 10) & £1 Large (minimum order 6) , for unfilled Choux buns, prices vary depending on the filling.
Croquembouche centre pieces are priced by height and diametre.

Red Velvet Cake
All quality ingredients
Deliciously Decadent Cakes
Traditional Bakes
Fresh made Curds , Jams
Many Different Traditional Bakes
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